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Platform for college students ! We are still under Beta phase and are introucing new features !
1.Question papers, eBooks, Tutorials, solutions, etc.
2.Discussion forum, create events, ask faculty for help, ask experts and seniors.
3.Collaborate with seniors accross branches, years and colleges on Projects and ideas
Lots more !!

EMA - Home automationmore_vert

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EMA - Smart home automationclose

AI and IoT together for Home-automation !
EMA is a complete home-automation solution compatible with boards like Intel Edison/RaspberryPi.
1.Real time data stream based on MQTT protocol.
2.Control appliances from your smart-phones or website.
3.Share access to other users.
4.Get notifications on status of appliances.

KYM - FinTech simplifiedmore_vert

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KYM - FinTech simplifiedclose

A smart FinTech solution with Artificial intelligence.
1.Collect and send to servers data of all bank transactions from one same app!
2.No tie-ups with banks needed to get this data !
3.Transct with multiple banks from same app.
4.SIRI like Voice enabled AI to redefine user interface.

Smart ECUmore_vert

Check the project on Github

Smart ECUclose

Making cars smarter !
Smart ECU is an IoT solution for car engines.
1.Sensors to the rescue ! The Solution helps in predictive maintenance of engines.
2.Data analytics at core of the solution helps track present, know past and predict future of every part of the engine
3.Extremely light weight computation and network utilization.

FindX - Smart city platformmore_vert

Check the project on Github

FindX - Smart city platformclose

A one stop solution for smart cities !
1.Track live location of public transport, emergency services, government officials.
2.Social platform to post complaints, suggestions, etc and connect them to related officers. !
3.Smart SOS for citizen safety.
4.Location targeted notifications.
5.Data analytics and monitoring.

COEP Virtual Labs appmore_vert

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COEP Virtual Labs appclose

Android app for COEP VLabs
Get to use the VLabs offline through smart-phones!
1.Real time simulation.
2.Monitor amount of time spent on every lab.

Smart traffic systemmore_vert

Check the project on Github

Smart traffic systemclose

Traffic signals made smart !
1.Image recognition to determine traffic density.
2.Allocate green light time depending on the traffic density for a lane.

Location APImore_vert

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Location APIclose

Open source API for location enabling your applications !
1.Crate apps utilizing user locations and enable sharing it.
2.Creating scalable location enabled backend is just few minutes task now.
3.Create taxi apps like Uber, track delivery boys, add safety feature to your apps with minimal code !

Ongoing Projects

ConnectX IoT Platformmore_vert

Check the project on Github

ConnetX IoT platformclose

Create IoT solutions in no time!
1.Highly scalable and available backend.
2.Secure and replicated data storgage.
3.Data analytics and machine learning at core.
4.Real time rules engine.
Lots more !!